Cannabis Extraction Virtual Conference

The Cannabis Extraction Virtual Conference will take place on June 29. This complimentary event will have four webinar presentations, all back-to-back and on the same day. You won’t want to miss this extraction and concentrates event. Stay tuned for announcements on the agenda, registration page and speaker lineup.

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How Private-Sector-Led Information Sharing Can Transform Cybersecurity in the Cannabis Industry.

By Andy Jabbour, Ben Taylor
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In this article, veteran emergency preparedness and security professionals examine cyber security in the cannabis industry and showcase information sharing best practices that can provide a roadmap for the cannabis industry moving forward. The authors outline a strategy focused on three key pillars: Understanding the Threat, Assessing the Risks and Taking Action, and explain why Information Sharing & Analysis Centers/Organizations are valuable entities for any sector when developing threat security infrastructure.

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Defining Hemp: Classifications, Policies & Markets, Part 1

By Darwin Millard

The cannabis plant is an incredibly versatile plant used in numerous applications: construction materials, textiles, composites, bioplastics, food ingredients, phytochemicals, CBD products, and so much more. Or is that hemp? In this two-part series, Darwin Millard takes the reader down the hemp rabbit hole and discusses how the global market has evolved the definition of hemp over time and the challenges posed by trying to have your cake and eat it too. Millard proposes that we adopt policies for market protection of hemp products through standardization, not bifurcation of the cannabis plant.

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