The (Arrested) Rise of Craft Cannabis in Canada

By Steven Burton

While the cannabis legalization story in Canada has had its bumps, the clear path forward for greater legal market success lies in increased support for micro-cultivators. By increasing support for these small-scale producers to navigate regulatory requirements, more will be able to enter the legal market and actually compete against their illicit counterparts.

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Cannabis Labs Virtual Conference

For five years now, we have been hosting this complimentary collection of webinar presentations, designed to help attendees better understand some of the more technical aspects of starting and operating a laboratory. We will take a deep dive into cannabis and hemp testing, laboratory accreditation, regulatory compliance and much more. Four sessions back-to-back, all on the same day and free to attend. Stay tuned for the agenda announcement and registration page coming soon!

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The Cannabis Industry Sees Record Growth Despite Continuous Obstacles

By Jay Virdi
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Cannabis businesses continue to grow even though conflicting state and federal laws cause major challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic simultaneously advanced and pushed back the growth of the cannabis industry, and security and risk management remained a top priority for business owners and operators across the country. R&D on extraction moves into the spotlight as businesses seek cutting-edge techniques to increase yields, giving them a competitive advantage.

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