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2020 CQC Episode 2, Cannabinoid Research & Discovery

By Cannabis Industry Journal Staff
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2020 Cannabis Quality Virtual Conference

Cannabinoid Research & Discovery (Episode 2)

Data Analytics for Process Optimization

  • Dr. Markus Roggen, Founder of Complex Biotech Discovery Ventures

He has employed big data analytics to understand extraction processes at a fundamental level and developed insights that previously have been impossible to achieve. His work helps producers spot inefficiencies in their production, implement better extraction protocols to target specific outcomes or just optimize yields.

Studying Drug Effects: Clinical Pharmacology Insights

  • Dr. Linda Klumpers

She will start with a discussion on the basics of pharmacology and effect detection. Also, we will look at the research that she has done, give some real-life examples of what can happen when research is not performed well, and discuss the importance of working with an interdisciplinary team of experts

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