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2020 CQC Episode 11, Laboratory Accreditation & Client Relationships

By Cannabis Industry Journal Staff
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2020 Cannabis Quality Virtual Conference

Laboratory Accreditation & Client Relationships (Episode 11)

The Laboratory Accreditation Panel

  • Mohan Sabaratnam, Vice President, Global Accreditations & Quality at IAS
  • Tracy Szerszen, President/Operations Manager at PJLA
  • Anna Williams, Accreditation Supervisor at A2LA
  • Jason Stine, Senior Director of Accreditation at ANAB

This features representatives from the leading cannabis laboratory accreditation bodies in the country. We’ll discuss common areas of concern for labs hoping to get accredited as well as the new ISO 17025:2017 version and how it changed from the 2005 version. This will be an interactive panel discussion where attendees can feel free to ask questions throughout the day.

From the Client’s Perspective: Lab Testing and Quality Assurance

  • Mark Kimble, Senior Compliance Manager at Cresco Labs
  • Dr. Sharon Martin, Director of Analytical Chemistry at Cresco Labs
  • David Chen, Laboratory Director at Sonoma Lab Works
  • Derek Averill, Ph.D, Chief Science Advisor at Sonoma Lab Works

This session will have two perspectives: One from a laboratory and one from a client. The discussion will address common issues that arise between cannabis labs and the rest of the market, the need for transparency and communication, how to grow a relationship between you and your lab, how to conduct R&D testing, and much more.

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