Cannabis Cultivation Virtual Conference

Recorded 5/23/18 – 4 hours 50 minutes – 5 presentations on growing techniques in 1 Day, all from the comfort of your home or office. Learn about Breeding, Drying, Curing, Environmental Monitoring, Lighting and Tissue Culture. Hear from industry experts such as Adam Jacques, Dr. Allison Justice, Dr. Nadia Sabeh and Dr. Hope Jones. This online event is brought to you by VividGro, CannaGrow Expo and

Cannabis Regulation Update, Terpene & Residual Solvent Analysis and Heavy Metals Analysis

Recorded 4/24/18, this webinar, dives into the regulatory environments surrounding cannabis testing, as well as terpene, residual solvent and heavy metals testing. Are you finding it difficult to keep up with changing regulations for the cannabis industry? Are you looking to reduce hands-on analysis time? Speed up sample processing? Have less waste? Possibly reduce the number of individual tests running in your laboratory? Hosted by PerkinElmer and CIJ.

Cannabis Labs Virtual Conference

Recorded 12/08/17 – From getting started with purchasing decisions to ongoing regulatory compliance, there are a lot of uncertainties in getting a cannabis lab running. This virtual conference intends to dispel some of the myths about the testing market and provide practical, hands-on advice for those running a cannabis lab or those looking to start a lab. In this free, interactive virtual conference, you will hear from lab directors and subject matter experts in a variety of areas addressing the most pressing issues in cannabis testing.