2020 CQC Episode 16, Cultivation Technology

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In the 16th and final episode of the 2020 Cannabis Quality Virtual Conference, check out “A Panel Discussion: Integrated Lifecycle of Designing a Cultivation Operation” and “Advanced Technology for Precision Cultivation.”

2020 Cannabis Quality Virtual Conference

Cultivation Technology (Episode 16) 

A Panel Discussion: Integrated Lifecycle of Designing a Cultivation Operation

  • Brandy Keen, Surna, Inc.
  • Kyle Lisabeth, Silver Bullet Water
  • Adam Chalasinski, Nexus Corp
  • David Vaillencourt, The GMP Collective
  • Gretchen Schimelpfenig, PE, Resource Innovation Institute

Designing a cannabis cultivation facility that can produce consistent quality cannabis, meets the demands of the business objectives (profit, time to market, scalability) and consumers and stays within budget and timelines has been a major pain point for new and seasoned business owners and growers. What appears on the surface as a simple proposition – build a structure, install HVAC and fertigation systems, hire a master grower, plant some seeds and watch the sea of green roll in — is anything but.

Advanced Technology for Precision Cultivation

  • Seth Swanson, Director of Global Plant Sciences at AEssenseGrows

Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) is gaining traction as one of the fastest growing segments of agriculture. The primary objectives of CEA production are to maximize crop productivity, optimize quality, establish consistent and predictable timing. Advanced technologies applied to agronomic and horticultural practices can help growers to achieve these goals to leverage the large capital investment. Sensor-based aeroponics coupled with integrated software logic provide the necessary tools to achieve these goals.

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