2020 CQC Episode 12, The Canadian Market

By Cannabis Industry Journal Staff
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In the 12th episode of the 2020 Cannabis Quality Virtual Conference, check out “Buildings & GPPs in Canada’s Cannabis Industry” and “The Canadian Edibles Market Analysis”

2020 Cannabis Quality Virtual Conference

The Canadian Market (Episode 14)

Buildings & GPPs in Canada’s Cannabis Industry

  • Georgina Rodriguez, senior consultant at Deloitte

This presentation will share key insights into planning cannabis infrastructure and good production practices taken from the Canadian experience as the federal framework strives to ensure that a safe product is being produced.

The Canadian Edibles Market Analysis

  • Steven Burton, CEO of Icicle Technologies

He will provide an update on developments in the Canadian cannabis market post-national legalization. Points touched upon will be the current struggle to switch consumers over from the illicit to the legal market, challenges that processors have under the rigid regulatory apparatus, and recent product recalls stemming from inconsistent quality and food safety shortcomings.

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