2020 CQC Episode 15, Hemp Quality

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In the 15th episode of the 2020 Cannabis Quality Virtual Conference, check out “Creating an Industry-Wide Standard for CBD Quality and Efficacy” and “Heavy Metals in Hemp Extract Products.”

2020 Cannabis Quality Virtual Conference

Hemp Quality (Episode 15)

Creating an Industry-Wide Standard for CBD Quality and Efficacy

  • David Metzler with the CBD Capital Group

This presentation will discuss the need for an industry-wide standard for testing the efficacy of CBD products, how this can create legitimacy and consistency throughout the industry and will explore CBD Capital Group’s results as the first company to measure CBD efficacy using the qualitative Short Form (SF)-36 Health Survey.

TechTalk: The Essential Attributes of Hemp Quality – features Dr. Nandakumara Sarma with USP

Heavy Metals in Hemp Extract Products 

  • Diane Pickett and Dr. Serena Giovinazzi, with the Florida Department of Agriculture

Since Florida began sampling and testing hemp in January 2020, lead has been a frequent finding in several hemp oil products intended for human ingestion. This presentation will articulate current findings and outline future steps as we continue to study this issue.

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