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2020 CQC Episode 15, Hemp Quality

By Cannabis Industry Journal Staff
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2020 Cannabis Quality Virtual Conference

Hemp Quality (Episode 15)

Creating an Industry-Wide Standard for CBD Quality and Efficacy

  • David Metzler with the CBD Capital Group

This presentation will discuss the need for an industry-wide standard for testing the efficacy of CBD products, how this can create legitimacy and consistency throughout the industry and will explore CBD Capital Group’s results as the first company to measure CBD efficacy using the qualitative Short Form (SF)-36 Health Survey.

TechTalk: The Essential Attributes of Hemp Quality – features Dr. Nandakumara Sarma with USP

Heavy Metals in Hemp Extract Products 

  • Diane Pickett and Dr. Serena Giovinazzi, with the Florida Department of Agriculture

Since Florida began sampling and testing hemp in January 2020, lead has been a frequent finding in several hemp oil products intended for human ingestion. This presentation will articulate current findings and outline future steps as we continue to study this issue.

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2020 Cannabis Quality Virtual Conference Series Agenda Announced

By Cannabis Industry Journal Staff
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The agenda for the 2020 Cannabis Quality Virtual Conference Series has been released. The announcement about the annual Cannabis Quality Conference being converted to a virtual series due to the COVID-19 pandemic was made last month. Due to a demand to provide attendees with even more content, the event has been extended a full month and is running through December. Cannabis Industry Journal is the media sponsor.

The event will begin every Tuesday at 12 pm ET, beginning on September 8 and continue through December 22. Each week will feature three educational presentations, two Tech Talks, and a panel discussion. Weekly episodes include cannabinoid research & discovery, cannabis labs, licensing applications, post-election analysis, the Canadian market, hemp quality, HACCP & GMPs, facility design, cultivation technology, safety & compliance, COVID-19’s impact and supply chain quality.

Roy Bingham, Co-Founder & CEO of BDSA, and Nic Easley, Founder and CEO of 3C Consulting , will serve as the keynote speakers on Tuesday, September 8, discussing cannabis market trends and COVID-19’s impact on the cannabis industry.

“Human connection is so important for events, and we know we’re not the only game in town. That’s why we’ve invested in a Conference Virtual Platform that can facilitate discussions, discovery, and connection that can continue whether our event is offline or online—and not end with the live streaming,” says Rick Biros, president of Innovative Publishing. “Simply, the experience other conferences are offering is not conducive to learning, staying engaged or take into consideration that you have a job to do during that week. This is why we have designed the Conference’s program with short, manageable episodes that are highly educational.”

Registration for the 2020 Cannabis Quality Virtual Conference Series is open. Keeping in mind that registrants may not be able to attend every week due to scheduling conflicts, there is an option to watch each session on demand.

Tech Talk Sponsorship

Cannabis Industry JournalCompanies that are interested in sponsoring a 10-minute technical presentation during the series can also submit their abstract through the portal. For pricing information, contact IPC Sales Director RJ Palermo.

Innovative Publishing has also converted the Food Safety Consortium to a virtual event. More information is available at Food Safety Tech.

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