2020 CQC Episode 5, HACCP & GMPs

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In the 5th episode of the 2020 Cannabis Quality Virtual Conference, check out “Risk Characterization: A key component to develop HACCP Plans” and “Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and Cannabis”

2020 Cannabis Quality Virtual Conference

HACCP & GMPs (Episode 5)

Risk Characterization: A key component to develop HACCP Plans

  • Radojka Barycki, SCS Global Services

One of the key steps in the development of a HACCP Plan is Hazard Analysis. Hazard analysis requires the risk characterization. Risk characterization has two main components: 1) hazard identification; and 2) hazard characterization. I have evaluated several HACCP Plans through my professional career and have found that risk characterization is a step that is not done properly frequently. This presentation addresses the components of risk characterization and presents a practical example to complete this important area in the development of a HACCP Plan.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and Cannabis

  • Tara Couch, EAS Consulting Group

As States begin to legalize and regulate the Cannabis industry, important considerations must be addressed. One of these is the development and implementation of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and a quality system that meets the new state regulations. While not all state regulations are the same, some are similar to the food industry and others more like dietary supplement and pharmaceutical GMPs, the expectation across the board is that facilities throughout the supply chain will have these systems and be closely monitored. Learn the basic tenants of any GMP and quality system and how implementing a GMP system is your facility will not only ensure compliance but also streamline your business.

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