2020 CQC Episode 8, Supply Chain Quality

By Cannabis Industry Journal Staff
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In the 8th episode of the 2020 Cannabis Quality Virtual Conference, check out “Upstream Innovations in Mold Mitigation” and “Practical Analytical Considerations for Cannabis Producers & Processors”

2020 Cannabis Quality Virtual Conference

Safety, Quality & Compliance (Episode 8)

Upstream Innovations in Mold Mitigation

  • Bernie Lorenz, Ph.D with ProKure Solutions

He will outline upstream approaches to help growers minimize harmful microorganisms and maximize crop production as a result.

Tech Talk: Is it Time to Step Up to a Cloud ERP System?

  • Tom Brennan with Rootstock Software

He will detail how cannabis producers can improve their operations with an end-to-end cloud platform that provides data integration across an organization’s operation.

Practical Analytical Considerations for Cannabis Producers & Processors

  • Taylor Trah with OutCo

He will discuss where testing fits into a vertically integrated operation, the different analytical devices that might be required and in depth considerations to make certain in-house analytics are right for your operation.

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