2020 CQC Episode 9, Safety, Quality & Compliance

By Cannabis Industry Journal Staff
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In the 9th episode of the 2020 Cannabis Quality Virtual Conference, check out “Preparing for Federal Legalization: FDA Compliance for the Cannabis Industry” and “Establishing Cannabis Quality and Safety Attributes”

2020 Cannabis Quality Virtual Conference

Safety, Quality & Compliance (Episode 9)

Preparing for Federal Legalization: FDA Compliance for the Cannabis Industry

  • Kim Stuck with Allay Consulting

She will cover important FDA/food safety practices, issues they ran into when cannabis was first regulated by a public health authority, things different from other wholesale food operations, tips on how to stay compliant and much more.

Establishing Cannabis Quality and Safety Attributes

  • Josh Wurzer with SC Labs

He will discuss the ideal parameters for cannabis quality assurance testing. Wurzer will also shed some light on the work the industry is conducting to establish standards around quality, testing, efficacy and consumer protection.

Click here to watch the recording 

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