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The Hottest U.S. Cannabis Retail Brands Right Now

By Cannabis Industry Journal Staff

In this week’s Brand Marketing Byte, we take a look at Pioneer Intelligence’s hottest U.S. cannabis retail brands for the month of July. Using their large data set and gauging metrics within social media, earned media attention and more, these are the companies that are getting the most out of their marketing.

The Brand Marketing Byte showcases highlights from Pioneer Intelligence’s Cannabis Brand Marketing Snapshots, featuring data-led case studies covering marketing and business development activities of U.S. licensed cannabis companies.

In this week’s Byte, we’re taking a look at the hottest retail U.S. cannabis brands right now. Using a scoring methodology that factors in a wide variety of data sets, Pioneer’s algorithm tracks brand awareness, audience growth and engagement. Using more than 80,000 relevant data points per week, they analyze business activity across social media, earned media and web-related activities.

The brands listed below have the strongest marketing performance indicators, according to Pioneer Intelligence, which includes web activity. Here are a few insights that explain why some of these companies made the cut:

  1. Cookies comes in at the eighth spot on July’s list. The brand does a lot of promotional content on their business development activity, which helps them make the news almost every week. This time around, they announced the debut of a new chain of Sativa-focused dispensaries under the brand name Lemonnade.
  2. Terrapin Care Station took the fifteenth spot in July’s list. Terrapin made headlines this month with their expansion in Michigan. Their newest brick-and-mortar location is the first medical cultivation facility to open in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
  3. Surterra Wellness had a podium finish in July, becoming the third hottest U.S. cannabis retail brand. Back in early July, they received a lot of press for launching its line of tinctures in Texas.

Here are the top 15 hottest U.S. cannabis retail brands for July 2020:

  1. Viola
  2. Stiiizy
  3. Surterra Wellness
  4. Dosist
  5. Grassroots
  6. GrowHealthy
  7. Liberty
  8. Cookies
  9. Serra
  10. gLeaf
  11. Caliva
  12. Sunday Goods
  13. Harvest
  14. Connected Cannabis Co.
  15. Terrapin Care Station


  1. James

    Just out of curiosity, how does Surterra outrank Grow Healthy? I have never been satisfied with Surterras products, they get almost legalistic about their wording on discounts so they can deny as much as possible, and they try to put themselves between you and your medicine. I literally had a Surterra budtender tell me I was using too much even though I was no where near my prescription and it was none of her damn business. What she didn’t know is that I have been a patient since 2012 up north.
    Overall, I have given Surterra a try more than once, but won’t be again. I will literally drive an hour to Tampa or wait for other local dispos to restock before I will go back to Surterra.

  2. James B

    How does Surterra beat Grow Healthy?

    I have given both a try on more than one occasion, and I can guarantee that Surterra has gotten all of my business it will get.

    It’s flower is not the best quality, dry and crumbly with 15% thc and they want $50.00 for it.

    They are stingy with discounts, and don’t even recognize financial hardship. Beyond that their discounts are so legalistically worded so as to maximize denials.

    They try to put themselves between you and your doctor and I had an employee there tell me they believed my prescription to be excessive. Awfully presumptuous when you don’t know my history or issues.

    From a patients perspective Grow Healthy is hands down better than Surterra on every possible metric. Like to the point I will drive to Tampa for Trulieve or wait for GH to restock before I go to Surterra again.
    Truelieve deserves to make the list mlfe than Sirterra ever will, and even they are lower than GH in my ranking.

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