Cannabis Micropropagation, Cost Analysis and Viruses

By Cannabis Industry Journal Staff
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In the 6th and final part of the Cannabis Cultivation Virtual Conference, Dr. Hope Jones, CSO of C4 Labs, discusses cannabis tissue culture micropropagation, mitigating risk from viruses and cost analyses.

Cannabis Cultivation Virtual Conference Part 6

Cannabis Micropropagation, Cost Analysis and Viruses

By Dr. Hope Jones, Chief Scientific Officer of C4 laboratories

  • This presentation will educate the global cannabis industry (including hemp) on tissue culture micropropagation by providing a summary that will show some of the essential concepts behind tissue culture. Virus and pathogen elimination and the importance of a good IPM regime.
  • As well as the economics of the micropropagation industry, design and implementation plans from the small growers to the large in need of understanding the true potential of tissue culture micropropagation, and how to implement and how to avoid costly mistakes.

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